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The room is better because I’m in it. Sounds a little arrogant doesn’t it? Truth is, it’s the opposite of arrogance. The room is made better because, I go out of my way to bring value to it every time that I walk in. This does require a certain level of confidence. My confidence is derived from my willingness to give from the heart to those with whom I am meeting and building relationships. The attendees, the place, the time are all insignificant. As an MVC (Most Valuable Connector) bringing value to each room is essential. 

Become a Most Valuable Connector

This book explores each of the seven habits it takes to not only become a great networker but, an MVC. MVCs are the top of the list of people to meet and know. They have mastered and continued to practice the habits in this book. 

If networking is not getting you the results you desire, you are not properly executed at least one of the seven habits. Follow them, perfect them and watch everything change.