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GW Slaughter is a top AIMS Coach in the The United States. Join him and live your best life now. Revenue building is only one third of what it takes to be successful in business. Don’t get caught up in the “sale more” mentality. There is no “work life balance” It is all living. Win in all phases. 

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The GW Slaughter Team

Why Choose the GW Slaughter Team

The GW Slaughter Team is the top AIMS coaching method implementer. We work with proven entrepreneurs and high performing sales leaders as they look to grow, expand and diversify. Our clients come from all industries and backgrounds. Our objective is to have our clients win in their businesses homes and communities. 

Accountability Implementation Motivation Strategy (AIMS) 

  • Your company is dealing with a specific problem and you need advice;
  • You want to find clarity and improve your overall business operations;
  • You feel overwhelmed by the stress of owning and managing a business;
  • You are ready to learn from someone with an unbiased, outside perspective; or
  • You are looking to grow your business and take advantage of new opportunities

Valuable Insights/Quantitative results


AIMS Individual Coaching

One on one coaching is the most direct and efficient way to grow. Goal setting and accountability are the cornerstones of what it takes to succeed. Having that extra, objective set of eyes on your business will help you see and achieve more.


AIMS Group Masterminds

Do you have a team? Do you have a board of directors? Being a part of a group mastermind gives you both. Weekly meetings, group goal setting and accountability help you not feel alone and makes you want to win one for the team!


Business Planning

A business without a plan is rudderless. Whether you are starting up, scaling or stuck, writing or re-writing your business plan will open your mind to the true possibilities of what your vision will be.



GW Slaughter the author of "The Room Is Better Because I'm In It" This book details the 7 things great connectors do better than most. It has been called the "blueprint of effective networking in business."



Podcasting, television and radio are one of the many ways GW shares his knowledge and experience. His forward thinking and concise communication style is a fresh and exciting addition to a culture filled with noise. As a strategist, he shares ways to win in business that reach both novice and the high achiever.



GW Slaughter speaks to audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. His topics include Better Business Networking, Starting and Scaling Businesses How Gratitude and Giving Are Essential to Success.

Kevin S

Senior Advisor, Wells Fargo Advisors

“GW is the real deal. His strategies and positive outlooks make a difference in both my business and personal life. My expansion is moving forward at a speed I would never have seen or anticipated.”

Jon K

Owner, Kirkwood Florists

“GW is instrumental in making a difference in how I run my day to day operations and interact with my two dozen employees. Having his objective view has changed everything.”

Jen W

Owner, Jen Wade Consulting

“I started off doing a business plan with GW. Now I get support, motivation and insights that keep me going forward. GW has literally changed my entire business and my outlook.”

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THe GW Slaughter team

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