GW Slaughter is an entrepreneur, author and AIMS business coach  with laser focus on helping others accomplish their life,  entrepreneurial and sales goal. He served four years in the United States Army and is a Desert Storm Veteran. He has spent the better part of the last two decades building his businesses with a passion for seeing others grow alongside him. This approach has made him a master networker, trusted connector, and leader in his community. 

Who is GW?

I have inspired, coached and mentored thousands of individuals, groups and students around the nation. I actively works with entrepreneurs, high performing sales people, veterans, universities and corporations. I am an acute problem solver and strategist who motivates and use my military background as means of holding myself and others accountable. 

“Giving from the heart is its own reciprocity” – GW Slaughter.

I believes wholeheartedly that gratitude is ground zero for success. “Wake up everyday grateful for everything you have, everything you don’t have and regret nothing . Be the best version of yourself working on the next version of yourself. Being happy where you are will make the journey to where you are headed sweet and the accomplishments even sweeter.” 

AIMS stands for





These four are the core competencies of any great coach. Simply knowing your goals is one thing. When the AIMS method is properly applied, higher levels of achievement happen. 

“Effective Networking Changes Everything.”

“Your Mindset is Your Most Valuable Asset.”

“Have a Great ‘Wingman’ in the Workplace.”

“Love Your Immediate Self

Since 1999 I have bought, built and sold more than a dozen businesses and organizations around the country. Industries include real estate, digital marketing, chambers of commerce and retail. 

Each of our clients have experienced growth in both mindset and money. If you are an implementor you will benefit from each aspect of AIMS whether it be in small groups or individual coaching. You set the goals. We help you create the strategy and stay on course. Winning is easy when you choose the right team. 

Start Winning Now

The GW Slaughter Team is ready. We have tailor made options that will help you reach your business goals. 

  • Individual Coaching
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Group Masterminds
  • Speaking
  • Downloads
  • Books
  • Podcasts 

Let us know how what your vision and goals are and we will go there with you. 

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1795 Clarkson Rd, Ste 240 Chesterfield MO 63017

“The key to success is turning it.”

― GW Slaughter ―

“Actions don't speak louder than words. The two are the yin and yang of success. One complements and supports the other making the whole greater.”