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Gw Slaughter

George GW Slaughter is an entrepreneur, author and business strategist with a laser focus on helping others accomplish their entrepreneurial and sales goals through networking and strong relationship building. He served four years in the United States Army and is a Desert Storm Veteran. He has spent the better part of the last two decades building his businesses with a passion for seeing others grow alongside him. This approach has made him a master networker, trusted connector, and leader in many great organizations.

I have spent the last 22 years starting, growing and selling eleven businesses. Since moving to St. Louis in 2008, I have built one the strongest business networks in the area, run and supported great organizations in St. Louis 
City and County.  

I believe we are all connected and dependent upon one another. Great business is done when trust and confidence are built. Businesses need a plan and will be better when that plan is precise and has focused execution. 

Yes, I was in the Army for 3 years. I spent time in Germany and Kuwait. I am currently active in the veteran community. /

I talk about winning. Winning is the result of having a plan, putting that plan in motion and having focused execution by everyone on the team. I tailor make my talks to the team in front of me. 


Coaching is usually a little more long term and focused on the overall vision of the business. 

Consulting is short term and focused on one or two aspects of the business. 

I enjoy both. 

Small Business Monthly St. Louis October 2020 Edition

GW Slaughter is an entrepreneur, business strategist and author who has for the past two decades built a vast network of business professionals and community connections through his philosophy of caring. His abilities as a Most Valuable Connector has been responsible for tens of millions of dollars in revenue generation internationally. 

GW truly believes in giving from the heart and allowing the rest to happen. “This is the cornerstone for a prosperous business existence.”
▼ Experience
GW has inspired, coached and mentored thousands of individuals, groups and students around the nation. He actively works with veterans, universities and corporations around the world. 
“Giving from the heart is its own reciprocity” – GW Slaughter.
▼ Education
GW Slaughter has spent many years in and out of the classroom. He attended Drake University, North Carolina College of Theology from where he holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biblical Studies. He is an avid reader who loves books that inspire, inform and enlighten.
▼ Popular Topics
“Effective Networking Changes Everything.”

“Your Mindset is Your Most Valuable Asset.”

“Have a Great ‘Wingman’ in the Workplace.”

“Love Your Immediate Self

▼ Leadership
GW built a very successful digital design firm from 2009 to 2018 which he sold in 2018 and continues to develop.
Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Midwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce.
GW has led many teams and individuals to their goals and beyond.
▼ Media
“The Room Is Better Because I’m In It”. _ Book and audiobook released 2018
“Failing Like Champions Podcast” Weekly on Itunes, Spotify, Iheart Radio and more…
▼ More
GW is the father to 4 amazing adult children.
Loves to golf; will golf in all 50 states and 6 weather tolerable continents
Fantasy Football Guru
Will fly solo and skydive ( hopefully not on the same day).

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